#lovenotfear poetry

if i could create you with words

your every glance unchanged

your every touch burning

i would

if i could create you with paints

your breath the colour of dreams

your voice the soft touch of feathers

i would

if i could create you with sounds

your eyes the shadows of angels

your hair the whisper of a seductress

i would

if they would all be sad imitations

an inadequate love poem

pale water colors

a song for deaf ears

still i would

When Autism $peaks denies that Autistic people have empathy, that we can feel for others… I challenge them to read this and then try to say it again.
Tara J. Marshall,
Autistic Adult


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Litany Against Fear/Litany for Love

By Radical Neuro Divergence Speaking

Read Full Post Here:  http://timetolisten.blogspot.com/2014/02/litany-against-fearlitany-for-love.html

I must not fear.
Every time I have these conversations, the ones that devolve into hate, I remember: I am moved by love.
Fear is the mind-killer.
They are afraid and fear is turning to anger and anger is turning to hate, but I can be fierce with love for their kids, for Autistics present, past, future.


Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
Standing strong in the face of the wall of dehumanizing hatred is an act of love. My love for my community is my shield and my strength, and it is tempered by ice and by fire.
I will face my fear.
I will stand with love. I am standing for love.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
This is for their children. This is for those who I will know in the future. Who I love without having met yet. For those I know now, and love with such ferocity there are not words for it.
The anger and hate hurts, but it will not break me.

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Love, not Fear

By Karen Boyd
Read Full Post Here http://spectrumvisible.blogspot.com/2014/02/love-not-fear.html

Love, not Fear.

I first thought of other people’s fear, but then thought that what I really wanted to blog about was self-fear. Fear of the world, fear of the politics, fear of all the hate, fear of other people, fear of being judged.

Image description: Text on red background with heart design. Text reads: Flashblog Love Not Fear, presented by Boycott Autism Speaks. Submit your: poetry, essay art, photography, etc. by February 13 @ 12PM EST email to:info at boycottautismspeaks.com inside the heart design is the hashtag #posAutive

So I’m a day late, whatever. I have never participated before in a Flashblog. I can always post on twitter.

I don’t know what to write that would affect other people’s fear. But understanding fosters love, so I guess starting there is something.

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2 poems: “Split” and “Fazing”

Title: Split


Everything I know

comes scattered in waves,

rushing toward me

with disordered malice,

and chaotic might.

Split on each side of my head,

the patches slap together

a complete picture

illuminated by the sparks

that fly off the turning gears.

The reflections

flicker in my eyes,

revealing to the world

all the weakness

hidden in my seams.

The stitches that strain

to hold me together

tell the world

that I will fall apart.

All in good time,

but while I am still awake

my fingers grasp the edges

and cling to remain whole.

Title of second piece: Fazing


Fading out of synchronous.
Falling out of orbit.
Flying out of syzygy.
To enter empty foreign landscapes
that disappear on contact
with reality and physicality.
Fumbling for propped support
as joints crumple and melt.
Giving the guise of weakness
to an ordered higher state
where no living creatures thrive,
and a vacuum consumes
the disordered imperfections,
and brings the colors to life.

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Advocating: Love Not Fear

By Leah Kelley

H just shared with me:SidelightH.jpg

“In Tales from the Darkside from 1983 – there is one episode where there is a monster in this boy’s room, and he advocates for himself and tells the monster ‘Hey this is my room’ and the monster backs off and the boy gets the power over his room.”

Then going deeper – he replays this part of the episode and explains some of the plot and dynamics as he sees he has caught my interest:

“Mom look – here the part where he advocates for himself. His dad is a real jerk. He thinks he should stop being 6 years old and be a man right now: he [the dad] thinks he has the right to do what he wants.”

Sensitive to my reluctance to watch scary stuff:

“Don’t worry, Mom, it’s not that scary – there is an octopus man under his bed and a buzz saw – but it is just his imagination… Here it comes. You have got to see how he advocates for himself.”

We watch together – and then move on to discuss the deeper aspects about how the boy in the segment advocates for his space and also with his father.

Hdonotlisten.jpgH is getting this stuff. He is understanding what it means to advocate for himself or others and he is developing an ever-stronger sense of his right to take a stand.

As parents we nurture this young man’s sense of self and his heart for social justice with our acceptance and love. Empowering my child in this way – requires a little bit of letting go.

Sometimes… actually… a lot of letting go.

And letting go can be scary… but it is important to understand that fear is mine… 

I have to be willing stop holding the reins tightly and give H room to make decisions. Giving up control. This is love…

Love. Not. Fear.

I am open to other ways of seeing and doing and I work to set aside my reading of tone – so that I hear the intended message.  This is not easy to do and it is sometimes a messy thing, particularly with a teenager… but I am supporting H in finding his voice. Sometimes this means I have to silence mine. This is love…

Love – not – fear!

Over a Thai dinner in Chicago, I told two friends that we had H enrolled in a Social Skills Group. (They almost sprayed their beverages at me…)

I waited a beat – then smirked and confessed: “It’s true he is hanging out and learning to play Magic the Gathering at a local collectables store. He is socializing there and connecting with others in a way that will help him find community.”HAtMagic2.jpg

We laughed… and then more seriously talked about how this represents the authentic honouring of H and his interests in a way that creates opportunity for growth… without stigma.  At times I have felt the pull and pressure to enroll my kid in therapies and interventions, but too often I have seen these done poorly. I have seen my own son (and others) anxious and shamed for not using strategies and skills people assume they should be using. I am working to offer information and strategies and opportunities to H in a way that does not make him feel like he is broken and needs to be fixed.

This is love… Love not fear ♥ 

Read the rest of this post at http://30daysofautism.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/avocating-love-not-fear/

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Love Not Fear—Despite all the pain, so glad to be Autistic


For today’s Love Not Fear flashblog, I am going to focus on one of the better parts of being involved in the Autistic activist movement: mutual support.

Well, being an activist of any sort is draining; it is a tiring often thankless effort.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile.

One of the most beautiful things I see happen among Autistics is supporting each other during our times of meltdown, extreme anxiety, prolonged fragility.

I have seen countless times in which one of us is having a crisis and so all many of us offer our ear and our verbal or typed forms of support.

And often, that is all we need, or at least a very big step in the right direction.

Mutual support is not telling someone whether their feelings make sense or not; many of us Autistics have given up on emotions ever making sense, some call this alexithymia.

Mutual support is giving each other the space to emote and not take it personally when such emotions do not match the conversation we’d like to be having at the time.

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#LoveNotFear When words fail, Music speaks

Kimberly Faith

A lot of my feelings and emotions are expressed through music, especially when writing fails me. Not my own music, but others’ and specifically music lyrics.
I thought this would be a perfect time to share with others my way of expression, connection and special interest, while also promoting the #lovenotfear theme 🙂

continue reading by clicking the link

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#lovenotfear Graphic

By Annabelle Listic

This is a beautiful animated graphic.

Warning for those with Epilepsy that the GIF image moves quite quickly in a fairly smooth and quick loop.  The image also flashes somewhat.


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Amy Sequenzia: “Love, Not Fear”

By Amy Sequenzia

Life with respect. Love, not fear

Acceptance and joy. Love, not fear.

Human diversity.



Do not fear

Autistic rights, human rights

Love, not fear


Autistics are neurodivergent

Diversity is part of the human experience

Autistics are part of humanity

Love, not fear

What you cannot understand does not mean wrong

What you didn’t expect will blow your mind

And you will smile!

What you don’t see is part of a unique being

Love, not fear

If you fear what’s hard to understand

You miss out on the awesomeness

Love, not fear

If you run away from what is unique

You deny yourself the knowledge

The knowledge that acceptance, respect and love

Are the foundation that will hold success and achievements

If you fear the unexpected

If you fear the future

You don’t leave space for love

Love should guide your decisions

If you fear what is not broken

You break what is perfect

If you fear the differences

You miss out on learning more

If you fear the joyful experience of an autistic stim

You can’t share a moment of delight

If you fear autism, you fear Autistics

And our human experience of sharing and learning

Is lost

Our rights forgotten

Our opportunities vanished

Love, not fear

Because love is light

It makes the path easier to tread

Love brings acceptance

That makes the hardest events not so heavy

Love goes well with respect

That sees humanity in the worst moments

Love is a human goal

Even when it is not with words expressed

Love, not fear

Love, love, love




Love, Autistic love

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Scott Kramer: #lovenotfear

By Scott Kramer
In 2007 at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism) by a physician.  I went into a funk for about a year.  I developed a fear that I would never been the same again ever, because I thought about everything I had accomplished to that point in my life.  I envisioned my life disappearing into a “black hole” – never to be seen ever again whatsoever.  I thought to myself, “What is life worth living for if I graduated from college and completed graduate school and this happens?  Woe is me.”

While I waited for a city transit bus to arrive one day, I looked at at where a flock of birds had gotten together and started “chatting.”  Then, I noticed this one lonely bird by itself, and my attitude started to become more positive.  Seeing this dichotomy made me realize that people with autism are all different, just like neurotypicals (anyone who is not on the spectrum) are different from each other.

This was part of my healing process where I learned to accept and like myself for living with Aspergers (a form of high-functioning autism).  Love is all about accepting ourselves with the “hand of cards” that we are dealt with life.  Being autistic means we have a different wiring than neurotypicals and “we are who we are.”  We are no less special than someone who is not on the spectrum.  We are each special in our way.  Each of us shares common characteristics of others who are on the spectrum, yet each of us has a different skill set, etc.  We are unique.

I don’t need anyone telling me that I should be “healed” of autism.  To say that to me is to deny a very large reason of why I have made a difference in the lives of other adults since 2010.  In late 2010, I was looking for an organization that catered to the needs of adults with AS/HFA.  When I came to one dead end after another in my search, I founded Greater Chattanooga Aspies (GCA).  GCA is a support/social group for adults with AS/HFA in the greater Chattanooga area and has made a difference in the lives of others with autism.

Love, not fear.


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