Flashblog presented by #boycottautismspeaks

flashblog entry

What is it?

A flashblog is a day when a group of people share their thoughts about a single topic. You can post something on your own blog and let us know about it or you can submit your contribution here and we’ll post it for you. Then we’ll share everyone’s posts throughout the day on February 14th, here and across the web using Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to get the word out.

What Should I Submit?

Tell us what “Love Not Fear” means to you. You can write a paragraph or a blog post, contribute a poem or  video,  make a comic or a graphic. Use your imagination. Let’s tell the world that Autistic people should be loved and that Autism should not be feared.

When is the Submission Deadline?

Please email your submission to: info@boycottautismspeaks.com by February 13th @ 12:00PM EST for guaranteed publication (provided your submission is appropriate).  You can submit after 12:00PM EST on February 13th, but we cannot guarantee publication.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone! The flashblog is open to autistic individuals as well as parents, family members and allies of autistic people.

28 responses to “Flashblog presented by #boycottautismspeaks

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  7. Liss

    I’m missing a bond, a tie that
    would bind me to other people of
    my kind,-
    perhaps I am elsewhere,
    somewhere beyond,
    out of touch, out of reach with
    earthly matters,
    with bonds that have
    but don’t ask and don’t preach, just
    pretend for a moment that
    our ties still bind

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  15. I have written a contribution for “Love; Not Fear” on my blog at this link. http://aspieminister.com/

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  17. Here is my contribution for the flashblog from my blog: An Autistic Bird Sings. Here is the link: http://anautisticbirdsings.blogspot.com/2014/02/lovenotfear-poem.html

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