Written with Immense Love for Noah

By Paul Rice
This is being written with immense love for my little guy Noah as part of the Love Not Fear flashblog.

“Bird” we called you at birth when instead of crying you simply opened your mouth for sustenance,
You were utter perfection from that moment forward,
I love watching your little sister watch you with admiration,
You will never be flawed in our eyes,
I love watching you spin and run giggling uncontrollably,
You will never be forced to comply or conform,
I love hearing the creak of the bedroom door when you come in seeking reassurance from shadows on your bedroom walls,
You will never be afraid in your own home,
I love seeing your bright eyes when you are “being bad” on purpose,
You will never go a day without moments of happiness,
I love tasting your cooking while you wait for my reaction,
You will never be anything less than competent to me,
I vow to build you up “bird”, “buddy”, our dear Noah,
You will never feel anything but a part of our “imperfect perfect” family.


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