With Love from Autistics

With Love from Autistics

There is evidence that human communities experienced disability while we were still nomadic hunter-gatherers sheltering in caves. Greek philosophers described it centuries ago. It has always been around. Humankind, human society and cultural ideals, have never managed to get complete control even of the environments they create. This fact has never ruined human society. We got by with odd people in our midst. Some of them needed help. Some had gifts that more than balanced out their deficient. Others took up more resources than they produced over the course of a lifetime. None of that prevented the development of rapid communications, transcontinental flights, antibiotics, or air conditioning. There is no reason to be afraid of autism or any other disability. These things have never held the world back. Instead, love the people who break the mold, who force new ways of seeing and doing. Embrace the diversity of perspectives that gives us a fighting chance as we face new challenges.
-R. Larkin Taylor-Parker iamthethunder.tumblr.com



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  1. the entry I submitted is not included on this flashblog. And I’d like to know why.

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