Tiny Grace Notes: Love, Not Fear

By Ibby Grace
Read entire post here:  http://tinygracenotes.blogspot.com/2014/02/love-not-fear.html
Lately I have been having a lot of trouble writing, so I will tell a story of Love winning out over Fear, in pictures.

One day a bit ago, we were having an action where we were supposed to take a picture of ourselves with a sign saying something like “I am not afraid to say I am Autistic.” This was because something was making the fearmongers smear our name again, as usual, nothing really different. And I support these actions, but I have this thing of being rather precise. So, I couldn’t lie. I do say it freely: I am Autistic; however, I don’t say it without trepidation, especially when one of these media scarymovie frenzies is going on. This is the picture I made:


[Here is a webcam picture of me sitting on the bed, holding a hand-lettered sign. The sign says: I AM AUTISTIC AND TIRED OF FEAR.]

The boys were napping and Layenie came in and sat next to


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