The poetry of Anna Mosca

Two Poems 4 BoycottAutismSpeaks by Anna Mosca

Love not Fear


birds’ singing
goes deeper inside
an hearing above
the belly bottom
a land mower insists
cars going by with a
louder noise that sits
annoyingly only
between the ears

a few steps
into the unknown
will open wide your

your eyes to the invisible
seeing what we commonly
miss focusing on solids
that are not but space
in between finding
your space your universe
drawing yourself anew
ripping all negatives
from the past
a new picture
filling you overflowing
love gratitude and beauty
the wonders of new places
realities not seen yet
almost pain the

heart with joy



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2 responses to “The poetry of Anna Mosca

  1. Glad to contribute, love not fear…

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