Scott Kramer: #lovenotfear

By Scott Kramer
In 2007 at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (a form of high-functioning autism) by a physician.  I went into a funk for about a year.  I developed a fear that I would never been the same again ever, because I thought about everything I had accomplished to that point in my life.  I envisioned my life disappearing into a “black hole” – never to be seen ever again whatsoever.  I thought to myself, “What is life worth living for if I graduated from college and completed graduate school and this happens?  Woe is me.”

While I waited for a city transit bus to arrive one day, I looked at at where a flock of birds had gotten together and started “chatting.”  Then, I noticed this one lonely bird by itself, and my attitude started to become more positive.  Seeing this dichotomy made me realize that people with autism are all different, just like neurotypicals (anyone who is not on the spectrum) are different from each other.

This was part of my healing process where I learned to accept and like myself for living with Aspergers (a form of high-functioning autism).  Love is all about accepting ourselves with the “hand of cards” that we are dealt with life.  Being autistic means we have a different wiring than neurotypicals and “we are who we are.”  We are no less special than someone who is not on the spectrum.  We are each special in our way.  Each of us shares common characteristics of others who are on the spectrum, yet each of us has a different skill set, etc.  We are unique.

I don’t need anyone telling me that I should be “healed” of autism.  To say that to me is to deny a very large reason of why I have made a difference in the lives of other adults since 2010.  In late 2010, I was looking for an organization that catered to the needs of adults with AS/HFA.  When I came to one dead end after another in my search, I founded Greater Chattanooga Aspies (GCA).  GCA is a support/social group for adults with AS/HFA in the greater Chattanooga area and has made a difference in the lives of others with autism.

Love, not fear.



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