Love, Not Fear

By Tara Doyle

This blog post is a part of the #posAutive, #boycottautismspeaks flashblog.  I jumped on late, but I wanted to get something down, in case anyone wonders since we got Violet’s diagnosis how we feel about it.

In November, Violet (5.5) was diagnosed PDD-NOS with Sensory Integration Disorder.  In laymen’s terms…on the Autism spectrum.  I had been researching already, in anticipation of the diagnosis, but the weight of the actuality of  a medical professional saying, “yes…she is what you’ve wondered so long” was heavy.  One night, in our temporary cabin, while Allan was half a world away I sat in the tub, wondering what this meant for our girl.  I had told people “she’s still the same Violet” when they asked what this meant and it was true-so why did I feel I was drowning?  Questions burned in my heart: Would she grow up being made fun of by neurotypical kids?  Would her family be her only “safe place?”  What about when Allan and I die, what if her siblings aren’t still close with her?  Will she need someone to help her navigate the world? Would she be taken advantage of because of her trusting, loving nature?  Would she be able to secure a job?  Would she find a loving husband and marry?
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