How Much There Is to Love

By chavisory

I love getting to the theater first in the evening and being the one to unlock the door and turn on the lights.

I love powering up the light board and dimmers and the sound of the filaments as the instruments warm up.


I love calling shows.  For some reason this always surprises people—even the kind of people who hire people like me—but I do.  And I love hitting a cue perfectly, exactly right.

I love how it all feels like flying, like navigating on the back of a soaring dragon.

I love sweeping the stage.  Apparently this is uncommon, too.  But my assistants love it that I love this, because it means they never have to do it.

emily 2

I love the exact shade of blue of late winter evenings.  I love the first night of the year that I get home from work and it’s not quite dark yet, or get to work and it’s not quite dark yet.

I love the sound and smell of snow falling.  A friend asked me once what snow smells like, and I couldn’t believe she didn’t know.  I can’t describe it—it smells like snow.

I love the feeling of the very first roll of thunder of a summer storm, and the smell of the earth and wet grass afterwards.

I love the way you see the world on a long train ride.

I love white Christmas lights.  Not colored ones. White ones.

It’s hard to explain.

I love the smell of wood smoke in the air on the first truly cold night of fall.  Somehow it’s always there.

I love old traditional church hymns.

I love the word hymn.

emily 3

I love writing by hand, and I love the feel of typing on my laptop keyboard.

I love the feeling of talking to someone who thinks and talks like me.  The way it feels like getting to speak my own native language.

I can’t believe that that’s an experience most people take for granted, but it seems to be.

I love hearing people speak who speak my own cognitive “dialect,” the way the effort of translation disappears and I can just understand someone when they talk.

It’s astonishing to me that most people never get a chance to love that, because they don’t know what not having it is like.

It never stops being mindblowing to me how many people have no idea how much there is to love in the world.

How much they would take away from us in their fear.



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