Embracing Love in the Face of Fear

By Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
Read entire post here:  http://timetolisten.blogspot.com/2014/02/embracing-love-in-face-of-fear.html
I hadn’t planned on doing a second post for the Love Not Fear flashblog but this concept wouldn’t get out of my head so here it is.

Long time readers and friends (and probably people who don’t like me too) will know that I used to be a gymnast, that I play around on high powered trampolines when I can, that I have jumped off a cliff into freezing cold water (and can’t wait to do it again), that I climb rocks, and possibly that jumping out of a plane and similar things are my entire bucket list.

They may also know that because of medical conditions, the risk of losing awareness and control are greater for me, and also that the risks that come with injury are greater for me.


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