Debra Hosseini: Love Not FEAR

Kevin Hosseini, 19 and Autistic, has been a victim of FEAR not LOVE in his home community
of Carpinteria, California. He now resides in Ohio thousands of miles away.
I believe when we open our heart to Autistic people we create functional communities.
That is LOVE not FEAR.
When we close our hearts to Autistic people and isolate them and say “You aren’t good enough”
then we create FEAR not LOVE and an Adam Lanza.
Kevin has been profiled in our small town. Everyone who knows Kevin knows he’s a loving, sensitive
human being who deserves to be in a LOVING not FEARFUL community. That’s why we
are moving.
and he has a facebook page
When our planet shifts to LOVE and not FEAR we will have healed all the people on the planet.
Autistic people are highly sensitive and they will continue to act out when people are in a fearful mode.
They will continue to grow beyond our imaginations when surrounded by LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.
Turn off the news and FEAR. Turn into your own HEART and LOVE.
Debra Hosseini
Co-Founder The Art of Autism

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