Bursting Bubbles

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so, I finally heard about an Autistic flash blog before the deadline. not much before, but enough (I hope).

the theme is “love not fear”. I am not a parent, so I can’t really give advice on that. I can, however, talk about bath time…

bath time is wonderful. I can’t sense time passing so I have to sit next to the bath and watch it run. I sit in the warm, bright bathroom and knit. my current knitting project is a lace pattern that I’ve just about memorised, so it’s beautiful and engaging without being difficult. I sometimes find myself baby-talking at the beautiful stitches. when the bath is full, I strip off and carefully step in. I sit down and stroke the inside of the bath, dislodging the tiny bubbles. I watch the bubbles scurry to the surface. each one has a shadow, wriggling across the bottom of the bath, until the bubble bursts on the surface, producing a flash of refracted light on the bottom. my own, private, silent firework display. when I’m finished with the bubbles, I lay back, watch the ripples on the ceiling and let my mind wander. eventually, I also wash my hair.


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