Bird: Poetry

All the world

Is a huge place to live.

Words from everywhere

Come in and speak.

Some are listened to,

Some are not.

Some are given wings

And some are clipped.


My voice is one voice,

My son’s is another,

My husband, yet another.

All Autistic, all quite here-

But in a world where

Fear makes our voices something

Certain people wish to silence.



I am not a tragedy.

My son is not a tragedy.

My husband is not a tragedy.

My friends are not tragedies.


We are voices singing,

Weaving with our stories.

We are individuals

Living our lives in a world

Full of diversity

That we celebrate.


I have my challenges.

My son has his challenges.

We all have our challenges.











                        Humans have our challenges.


We are not ill.

We do not need to be cured

Or replaced by images of “normalcy”.


I am not a tragedy to my family.

They are not a tragedy to me.

We love one another, accept one another.

We continually learn and grow and become.


I have never robbed anyone of their lives.

Autism Speaks says that I have

But they do not know me.

They do not know my family

Or my friends.


They say they do-

Out there somewhere in the world

Separate from our lives-

They say they know who we are,

But they don’t

Because they do not listen.

They do not open themselves up

To hear the words spoken

By the very people they say they

Know so well.


Autism is an illness,

They say.

It is an epidemic,

They say.

It is a tsunami threatening

To swallow us whole,

They say.

They do not know.

They do not see.

They will not hear.


Autism Speaks does not speak for me.


They do not speak for my son.

They do not speak for my husband.

They do not speak for my friends.


Love and acceptance is the way.

It has always been the way.

It is the only way.


Fear begets fear,

It causes hate,

It brings violence,

It divides and it destroys.


Love begets love,

It causes acceptance,

It brings inclusivity,

It builds up and it nurtures.


Autism Speaks does not speak for me

Because they speak fear speak.
They speak hate speak.

They perpetuate a mask of lies

That attempts to cover

The face of truth.


Autism Speaks does not speak for Autistic people.

It cannot when it will not allow Autistic people to the

Table of discussion and inclusivity.

They perpetuate fear and hate and then run to the bank on it.

And this is the real tragedy.


If a different way was taken,

A different path-

One that includes and focuses on love,

Communication (which ever form that

Communication is expressed- writing, speaking,

Art, music, Sign…), compassion and respect,

The world would change.

It would have no choice but to change

And that change would be for the better.

-Bird Song 2014


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