Amy Sequenzia: “Love, Not Fear”

By Amy Sequenzia

Life with respect. Love, not fear

Acceptance and joy. Love, not fear.

Human diversity.



Do not fear

Autistic rights, human rights

Love, not fear


Autistics are neurodivergent

Diversity is part of the human experience

Autistics are part of humanity

Love, not fear

What you cannot understand does not mean wrong

What you didn’t expect will blow your mind

And you will smile!

What you don’t see is part of a unique being

Love, not fear

If you fear what’s hard to understand

You miss out on the awesomeness

Love, not fear

If you run away from what is unique

You deny yourself the knowledge

The knowledge that acceptance, respect and love

Are the foundation that will hold success and achievements

If you fear the unexpected

If you fear the future

You don’t leave space for love

Love should guide your decisions

If you fear what is not broken

You break what is perfect

If you fear the differences

You miss out on learning more

If you fear the joyful experience of an autistic stim

You can’t share a moment of delight

If you fear autism, you fear Autistics

And our human experience of sharing and learning

Is lost

Our rights forgotten

Our opportunities vanished

Love, not fear

Because love is light

It makes the path easier to tread

Love brings acceptance

That makes the hardest events not so heavy

Love goes well with respect

That sees humanity in the worst moments

Love is a human goal

Even when it is not with words expressed

Love, not fear

Love, love, love




Love, Autistic love

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