2 poems: “Split” and “Fazing”

Title: Split


Everything I know

comes scattered in waves,

rushing toward me

with disordered malice,

and chaotic might.

Split on each side of my head,

the patches slap together

a complete picture

illuminated by the sparks

that fly off the turning gears.

The reflections

flicker in my eyes,

revealing to the world

all the weakness

hidden in my seams.

The stitches that strain

to hold me together

tell the world

that I will fall apart.

All in good time,

but while I am still awake

my fingers grasp the edges

and cling to remain whole.

Title of second piece: Fazing


Fading out of synchronous.
Falling out of orbit.
Flying out of syzygy.
To enter empty foreign landscapes
that disappear on contact
with reality and physicality.
Fumbling for propped support
as joints crumple and melt.
Giving the guise of weakness
to an ordered higher state
where no living creatures thrive,
and a vacuum consumes
the disordered imperfections,
and brings the colors to life.

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